Sanjuana Alvarez 
 Mortgage Broker

Hello, My name is Sanjuana Diaz Alvarez, I’m a full-time mortgage broker with Resonate Mortgage. I’ve been a mortgage broker since 2017. I became a mortgage broker after I purchased what I thought would be my “forever” home. At the time I had a 10+ year career in the dental field where I wasn’t content. When I met Oscar Ramos, my mortgage broker, his thorough guidance and transparency of the process promoted me to start thinking “what if”. Switching career paths after you’ve paved your way in one industry for 10+ years sounds scary, right? After going through the process with the Resonate team and experiencing their knowledge, willingness to teach and meticulous customer care I knew I had to make my “what if” real. I wanted to help people the same way they helped me.

Being a mortgage broker has brought out the investor in me. I’ve since bought my actual “forever” home, invested in several properties and discovered my hidden passion of real estate financing. I love researching what homes are worth if flipped, what cash flow you can make when renting a property and local market stats.

When I’m not hyper focused on real estate financing, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I unwind on a Friday night by doing karaoke (I’ve been told that I’m pretty good at it!!) and trying different types of tequilas. I also enjoy doing home renovation projects in my “forever” home with my husband, Beto. I’ve always been a strong believer in helping people in any way I can and working at Resonate has allowed me to do that and more! 

Contact me:
NMLS 1494845