Krystal Gonzalez 
 Loan Processor

Hi! My name is Krystal Gonzalez. I am the full-time loan processor for Resonate Mortgage. In the past year I have learned so much about the Mortgage/ Real Estate industry. Along with loan processing I am also a newly licensed Real Estate Agent.  

I’m a quirky, overly excited, outgoing lady. In my free time, I have been putting in sweat equity renovating my new house with my new fiancé! We initially had no idea (other than youtube videos) what we were doing but we have been learning so much as we go. It’s been sweaty (literally), hard and time consuming but also an exciting and rewarding journey. We’re excited to finish this project and start the search for our next fixer-upper investment property!

Anyone who works with me at Resonate Mortgage knows that I stress over the little details and not so much the big things that are out of one's control. I truly care that both my mortgage and real estate clients understand the process thoroughly as I guide them through it! To me, this is the most important aspect in the Mortgage/Real Estate Industry--transparency. I think what sets Resonate aside from other Mortgage Broker companies is that we are never treat a client as a sale, but we treat them as a person, no matter what position they are in. I look forward to working with and assisting you!


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