Sample Image Connor Keough 
 Mortgage Broker

Coming from a Mortgage Banker background has laid the foundation for me to be the best Mortgage Broker I can be. My philosophy starts with providing the best possible customer service. My goal is to prove that customer service, customer interaction, and customer education is still alive in an industry full of fly-by-night operatives and corner cutters. I pride myself in researching and tailoring financial solutions rather than selling particular products.

In my free time, I stay very active! I play in multiple intramural sports which include, softball, baseball, wallyball, volleyball and dodgeball. I also dedicate my time with the Dvorak Park Advisory Council to help make a positive change in my community of Pilsen, Chicago. I have the best fiance, Jasmine and the cutest pups, Quinn (Australian Cattle Dog) & Benny (Toy Goldendoodle) who all enjoy being active just as much as I do!

I want my clients to understand that switching from the Banker side to the Mortgage Broker side was a pivotal decision in my customer service philosophy. You can expect better rates, the same top-notch service and very minimum fees. Simply put, no bank or direct lender can come close to what I can offer my clients. My only real competitor is other mortgage brokers. Helping my clients is my number one priority to a fault, even if that means discounting your loan to a loss on my end. I truly want to keep your money where it belongs, with you. I look forward to helping and servicing you! 


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NMLS 1589564